Available for iPhone 5/5s/5c and iPod Touch (5th Gen)

Introducing TurtleCell

A Smartphone Case with Retractable Earbuds Built Right Inside

Avoid the hassle of storing and untangling your earbuds with TurtleCell, an innovative new smartphone accessory.

TurtleCell’s full length headphone cord and remarkably thin profile will change your expectations for a protective case.

Available soon for your iPhone 5 and iPod Touch.

Ever Deal with These?

Frustrating Right...

You're Not Alone

Hundreds of Tweets/Day Agree

At TurtleCell we believe that music on your smartphone’s should be a simple and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately our pockets, purses, backpacks and briefcases don’t agree. Headphones magically turn into a tangled mess wherever we try to store them…. That’s why we designed the TurtleCell…. to Untangle Your Life!

Simply Music

On-Demand Earbuds for an Active Lifestyle

Earbud storage is no longer an issue with TurteCell.
The retractable cord is neatly wound in the case.
All in only 1/4 inch of added thickness.

Superior Sound Quality We decided that you deserve an above average audio experience, so we built in the buds to provide that. Our headphones would retail for $40 just by themselves.

When you're done rocking out, simply press the upper button to store them away. The full length cable easily retracts and is stored tangled free within the case!

Simple Appearence, Sophisticated Functionality

Fully Retractable Earbuds

iPhone Power Button

Retract Button
Push up to pull out or retract earbuds

Headphone Switch
Push up to engage, and down to disengage

TurtleCell Case Dimensions Device Technical Specifications Earbud Technical Performance

Stylish SolutionThe clean lines, long curves and simple elegance of the TurtleCell case was designed to compliment your phone’s style while adding minimal volume.

Along with its slim size, the case is effortless to assemble. Simply slide the phone into the bottom portion and attach the top cover via two secure notches. When removing your smartphone, the top cover remains attached via the earbuds so that it is never lost.

Simple Two Button Control The button to the bottom right is used to connect and disconnect the earbuds from your phone. Snap it up and the audio signal is directed to the earbuds. Snap it down and you can take a call or listen to your music out of the phone’s speakers.

Full mechanical functionality means that you’ll never have to download an app or driver to enjoy this convenient audio experience.

Secure Locking for Strenuous Use The button to the upper left is used to retract the earbuds. Push it up and easily pull the earbuds out to any comfortable length.

The secure locking mechanism then holds this length even during intense exercise. Push the button up again to automatically retract. The locking mechanism is also engaged when retracted, so the earbuds are never accidentally removed during normal smartphone wear and tear.

Can You Say Color?

A TurtleCell the Way You Want ItSome case companies force you to decide between boring black, stale silver, and worn-out white. At TurtleCell we see things a little differently… in Color!

Choose from various vibrant shades of blue, pink, and turtle green! Naturally, we still provide sophisticated shades of black and white.

The People Behind The Product

TurtleCell was created over the last 18 months by two former University of Michigan - Ann Arbor engineering students.

Paul Schrems

With eight years of product design experience Paul used his rapid prototyping and 3D printing skills to iterate through over 30 TurtleCell designs. The result is the easily manufacture-able, robust and fully functional product you see today! Paul is currently leading technology and new business development for TurtleCell.

Nick Turnbull

Years before TurtleCell, Nick and Paul met when they both ran $1M+ student painting franchises. After multiple top management awards, Nick added his skills to help make TurtleCell a reality! Nick is leading business operations, financial management and marketing efforts for TurtleCell.

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Interested in TurtleCell and Our Story?

Perspective employees, potential investors, and media outlets please contact TurtleCell at info@TurtleCell.com.

Interested in the Name?

We developed the two-fold product/company name at one of our favorite Ann Arbor watering holes. We wanted a name that would convey the protective qualities the case. Naturally we thought of a turtle’s shell and since we want to be the “Shell for Your Cell,” we worked some wordplay magic… and TurtleCell was born! In addition to being super cute, turtles also have an uncanny ability to retract their heads into their shell whenever needed. Just like earbuds and a phone case… what a perfect fit!