Below are a few tips and tricks to common questions and issues.

Removing your phone and completing a full retraction cycle?

This can help relieve pressure from the case and improve the retraction mechanism. Remember, you should always hold the headphones when retracting them back into the case.

Clearing the audio channel and fully engaging/disengaging the jack switch?

Occasionally dust can accumulate within the headphone port at the bottom of your phone which can lead to issues with the audio switch, and in turn, issues with the audio connection. Try removing your phone and blowing out any debris. Then, put the case back on and make sure you’re fully engaging or disengaging the audio switch.

Checking for cables getting stuck?

If the cable is accidentally caught in between the two pieces of your case, the headphones will be stuck and they won’t retract. Try taking the case off and back on, making sure the cable is not caught.

Giving your TurtleCell a little massage?

If your retraction doesn’t feel very strong, try removing your phone and massaging the plastic. This can help relieve pressure and improve the retraction mechanism.